The MutationCache is the storage for mutations.

Normally, you will not interact with the MutationCache directly and instead use the QueryClient.

import { MutationCache } from '@sveltestack/svelte-query'
const mutationCache = new MutationCache()

Its available methods are:


getAll returns all mutations within the cache.

Note: This is not typically needed for most applications, but can come in handy when needing more information about a mutation in rare scenarios

const mutations = mutationCache.getAll()


  • Mutation[]
    • Mutation instances from the cache


The subscribe method can be used to subscribe to the mutation cache as a whole and be informed of safe/known updates to the cache like mutation states changing or mutations being updated, added or removed.

const callback = mutation => {
const unsubscribe = mutationCache.subscribe(callback)


  • callback: (mutation?: Mutation) => void
    • This function will be called with the mutation cache any time it is updated.


  • unsubscribe: Function => void
    • This function will unsubscribe the callback from the mutation cache.


The clear method can be used to clear the cache entirely and start fresh.

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